40 Ideas for safety Topics


Security meetings is the right time to discuss health and safety related issues in the workplace. Security can be regular or accidentally in response to cases of a specific health and safety problems or after an incident or accident occurs.

Ideally, safety meetings focus on just one specific topic. But, what kind of stuff do we discuss? Here are some materials that you can use in the meeting:

  1. Safety policy
  2. The existing regulations on the safety of
  3. Compliance based on the rules of
  4. New safety
  5. incident and accident investigation
  6. Safety audit findings
  7. OHSAS 18001 monitoring results
  8. Safety patrol conclusion
  9. personal protective equipment
  10. eyes
  11. hearing protection
  12. hands and feet injuries
  13. Risk assessment for new plant facility
  14. On-way traffic control in the industrial
  15. pressure regularly test
  16. Working around electricity
  17. Emergency response method
  18. Construction safety
  19. Work in confined spaces
  20. lock and tagout program
  21. Heat stress
  22. Hazard identification or recognition
  23. How to read the Material Safety Data Sheet
  24. How to handle compressed gas safely
  25. Hazardous material storage and handling
  26. slips, trips and falls
  27. Near Miss incidents
  28. extinguishers use
  29. Precautions in case of fire
  30. Maintenance of fire fighting equipment
  31. Safety control transformer yard
  32. Fire Fighting location and location indicator
  33. Self-control system
  34. Chemical exposure controls
  35. Safety training
  36. Gas cylinder control and protection
  37. Hazardous symbols and signs implementation
  38. loss control report issued by plant insurance
  39. Safety permit system
  40. Truck driver safety related It is better to give an estimate for each security meeting, especially for regular safety meetings. Do not forget to sign them when you’re done using the materials. Later you need it.

I believe that the above list does not cover all material plant safety issues. Input and feed back was very important and I will add it to the list.


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