Health and safety in UK workplaces


Ensure health and safety at work is not just good business practice, but a legal requirement. Keep workforce, shop or office staff, both healthy and safe ensures that productivity is maintained, saving business and management from possible prosecution

oversees workplace safety in the United Kingdom by the Health and Safety Executive -. HSE. The HSE sets not only an obligation on employers to ensure the physical well-being of their employees, employees have a duty to ensure that they do nothing that threatens the welfare of their colleagues and themselves. Regulations are written into the law to ensure standards are maintained.

workplace safety in the UK procedures put enormous obligation of both employers and employees alike. But obviously the cost of maintaining these standards falls on the employer. But in the long term costs will pay for itself and the production is not stopped due to injury and companies face less risk of having to pay out compensation claims for injured personnel. Also, by introducing safety conscious ethos in the working environment, production can actually benefit workers adapt better practices.

As practices have changed over the years, so have the rules on the environment. Although it has been difficult for employers and business owners to keep up with the welter of new rules and regulations of the HSE, it is helping CEO. Some courses are available, such as Working Safely Certificate, organized by IOSH advisory body. This certificate helps guide companies on the implementation of good practices in the workplace, protect the welfare of workers, as well as individual responsibility for safety in the workplace.

There are also many organizations able to organize assistance and training in safe work in the workplace in the UK.

Good health and safety at work can make the difference between a happy and contented workforce thriving business, or business to be pulled down as it faces disruption of production and compensation claims from injured employees. So it is an important issue for modern business.

Of course, one of the most time consuming tasks involved for many is the type of documents and procedures needed to not only keep employees informed but also meet the requirements of the legal legislation. And although the process of drawing up these essential documents can be a long one it is a step that can not, and of course can not be avoided.

Fortunately, there are now a number of software packages and policy statement templates available for health and safety professionals to use to help them eliminate the time and effort involved in writing instruments and methods.


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