Workplace Safety and Health – at what cost



Workplace Safety and health should not be under the control of costs, but unfortunately sometimes it is. Accidents injuries or illnesses sometimes have very serious direct costs associated. Sometimes the cost is not so direct. Indirect costs to maintain a safe workplace can mount a big tip. Here are some of this “cost” of accidents, injuries or illnesses for you to consider in your workplace.

Direct Costs

  1. For victims, it is almost always pain and suffering endured.
  2. Depending on the company, sick time, compensation time, etc, the employee could be a loss of income.
  3. If the injury or illness is serious enough, there is a real possibility that an employee may lose his job.
  4. Doctor and hospital or medical bills are sure to be a concern for both employee and employer.

indirect costs

  1. suffering endured by workers in the same family.
  2. employer will probably have to pay for missed work days. Work is not performed but once the employer has paid for it.
  3. Compensation and medical expenses.
  4. Lower moral or negative attitudes from other workers.
  5. loss in productivity.
  6. Machinery repair or replacement costs.
  7. retraining or replacing staff.

These are just some of the cost so you have an idea of ​​what has been lost due to accidents. It is almost impossible to determine the actual cost of an accident, injury or work-related disease. Most of the time the initial cost pales in comparison to the indirect costs. Some estimates have put the indirect costs ten times more than the original. Although you can not put a cost on safety, knowing that the initial cost of not hiring security might just be the tip of the iceberg.


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