Workplace Safety and The Secret


Now that the movie The Secret has been featured on Oprah, I’m sure it will get even more attention. So how can you apply the principles of “The Secret” to safety in the workplace?

When I worked as a security file for converting the operation that was part of a major company, I was always frustrated by the negative approach was taken to ensure safety. When I had one maintenance staff my injured while trying to implement safety suggestion, I knew we were the wrong way to provide a safe workplace.

Long before I knew about the law of attraction or any of these terms, I knew where we put our focus, we had more of it. When we focus on accidents, we had more accidents. Even though we thought we were trying to prevent them.

Almost every security program that I’ve researched has shown an increase in TCIR or what measurement is used in the first months of implementation of the plan. This spike is usually blamed on people to report accidents that they ignore once and other factors. However, law of attraction explains it clearly – what you think about expands

It usually takes time security program to mature to the point where you stop focusing on accidents and removing hazards and start focusing on design . safe and healthy working environment.

When the focus occurs, the accident rate seems to magically go down. For those still using cause and effect way of life, they have a hard time finding just what was the cause of fall injuries. They will often pick one item from the program and try to implement the corporate wide. Usually the ire of other safety experts

As I understand the law of attraction, I can point you to some things that will improve safety report application :.

1. Create a positive atmosphere where people enjoy working. This goes against the instincts of many school administrators, but it will not only reduce injury, but will also improve productivity.

2. Promote a sense of security. Teach people the right way to do a job that they will not be subject to risks. Do not say how to avoid injury. Tell them how to do the job safely.

3. Expect employees to work safely. Many security managers seem to take delight in catching people without safety gear. STOP handing out cards and petty bribery only adds vibration unsafe ness.

4. Design safety equipment and practices from the beginning. Well-designed engine and efficient practices to contribute to do the job safely and efficiently. There will be no reason for the employee to seek unsafe shortcuts if the correct method works as it is supposed to.

5. Make sure your employees know that you care to maintain a safe working continuously. Nothing is worse than having the security to be thought of as “flavor of the month” until the next accident.

These five simple steps can be the key to not only reduce injury rates, but also to create more profitable workplace as well.


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