Workplace Safety – It’s all about attitude


So a lot of workplace safety is about attitude. You can do hours of training and certification, but if employees do not have the right attitude it goes to waste. Fortunately, much of the staff attitude is influenced by how you manage.

First of all, we need managers to be positive. Focus promise good security behavior when you see it. Both individually and locally or group wide level. This praise should be done in a public way so as much as possible. However, if you see bad safety behavior needs to be addressed immediately. Usually, the best way to tackle poor safety behavior is a conversation with the employee. If the behavior continues, it should develop signs in their files and other disciplinary steps.

Another great way to promote a positive safety features is through a group wide statistics. This can be done with a company wide safety competition. This puts all employees in a team. You will find that they will start to remind each other positive safety behavior that makes your job a lot easier. Also, if an employee is injured in an accident, they will feel like they are letting the team down. Publish statistics in a public place where everyone can monitor and display posters remind staff safety behavior wherever feasible.

As a manager you can influence attitude security. Positive feedback and constructive criticism of your competition together with the security system will positively affect employees. The workplace becomes safer and more productive.


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