Workplace Safety Manual


Recently, OSHA cited sprinkler company working in Andover Mass. For alleged violations leading to 10 ‘fall in employment. The contractor faces $ 61,000 in proposed fines while the worker recover from the alleged serious injury.

It is not clear whether developers had fall protection program implementation or simply not enforce OSHA fall protection standard. As time goes on, contractors and small businesses are beginning to realize the effects of not having a security company plan.

A workplace safety manual is important to achieve consistency and ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employees. However, too many companies still do not see the value in implementing such a manual. Achieve compliance OSHA and keep employees safe is a huge task.

Employers often perceived security and compliance as an overwhelming burden and simply give up. However, the way to improve workplace conditions and reduce potential fines that could be imposed by OSHA. The first step is to establish a security company program manual that describes the company’s security policies and procedures. This step is important as it provides the basis for all employer about workplace safety and health. So if employers can not afford to hire a full-time safety manager or security adviser, they should do the following:

1. Write or buy basic workplace safety manual.

2. Optimize guide to fit your business needs.

3. Prioritize the policies and procedures you want performed.

4. Start each policy or process one by one.

5. Review the entire system annually and set it as your business changes.

If you are visiting OSHA, have written workplace safety manual project will demonstrate that you are making an effort to keep employees safe and will also reduce the number of potential OSHA citations.


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