Workplace Safety, risks and Random Drug Testing


Workplace safety is a huge issue and one bad accident can cost someone their life, cause catastrophic injury and / or cost of the company or CORPORATION million dollars. It is for this reason that many employers have instituted mandatory and random drug testing, as a deterrent to employees with illegal drugs that could affect their judgment or attention to detail, operating equipment or doing hazardous tasks.

unions and the ACLU want to cancel the mandatory drug testing call it degrading, offensive and unfair. Still others want to legalize illegal drugs, thus, drug testing is no longer a viable reason for letting someone go or firing them. Still, this begs the question, what about safety in the workplace?

My thought is that the government should not dictate if the employer makes testing or not, if the employer feels they need to ensure the security, running its operations or based on risk. Remember, business insurance is more expensive and contract workers is through the roof already. Accidents at work, one big one, because druggie employee, could cost the company millions in lawsuits and raise employee Comp 25% of the company, put them out of business, and all lose their jobs.

All these social issues and philosophical discussions until we have employees bringing drown their mind and body to work, where “safety is job one” because when something goes wrong in the end, it is truly employer who ends up footing the bill. A common sense approach needs to be considered here, and if employees believe that these tests are too intrusive, and they can always get a job elsewhere, as they are free to work wherever they choose.


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