Workplace Safety


One of the most common injuries workplace occur due to slips, trips and falls. Most of slips, trips and falls can and should have been prevented if proper procedures had been in place. Many of them can be attributed to negligence or ignorance on the matter. In the workplace, the best protection against slips and falls is to arm crew members with non-slip shoes.

Traditionally, the use of slip and slip resistant mattresses were used to create grip-safe surface to walk on, but it left many areas of workplace risk, and provides uneven footing throughout, increasing the possibility of trips in the workplace. Non-slip shoes go with the employee wherever they go.

awareness of employees is also very important. Educating employees how to keep themselves and their colleagues a safe working environment is very important to prevent injuries. Putting up posters and take leaflets is not enough! Staff needs to be said about safe work habits and tested on their ability to execute them properly. It has been shown that crews will mop up the spill, and then put the wet floor you out to show that the floor is wet and care should be practiced. However, wet floor signs often left out long after the floor is dry and safe return, and people learn to ignore the signal, thus reducing their effectiveness.

It is also worth mentioning that people need to be vigilant in their workplace and well enough to report problems and potential risks, or handle leaks as soon as they are seen. This is important, not only in the employees-only area, but even more so in the customer area of ​​your store. You can not enforce non-slip shoes of your customers, but there are other ways to improve grip and reduce slipping accidents.

  • Thin rugs or mats that reduce the likelihood of them being dislodged from the front door reduce the amount of water and dirt tracking into your store. Making sure that you put down a clean mat to keep the area neat as possible will greatly reduce the number of slips or falls.
  • Keep the floor clean mopping leak with hot, clean water will keep the floor free of debris and spilled products such as oil or water, without leaving a slippery film as it would if the cold dirty water was used to MOP.
  • Within the store, the floor should be even, and cracked or broken tiles or frayed or torn carpet reported and taken care of immediately. Hallways, stairs and work should be brightly lit with frosted glass bulbs to reduce glare when possible, and loose floorboards or railings should be reported immediately.
  • Men crew, and provide work incentives to cover issues such as a gift card if the crew member to spot the potential risk, or pizza party for the team that goes the longest without a work place accident. Financial incentives and praise are also good ways to get people to pay more attention at work. Employees will appreciate the good works!
  • Widely work have benefited from the simple adding non-slip shoes mandatory work attire. Some report slip accident reduction up to 75% just by adding a non-slip shoes. If you are involved in the hospitality industry, you can not afford to not be non-slip shoes!

Working together, you and your crew can reduce slips and trips in the workplace.


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